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Visitor Visa Denials: 10 Mind-Blowing Facts!

Visitor Visa Denials: 10 Mind-Blowing Facts!

Recently, the latest numbers were released on visitor visa denial rates. These statistics are very revealing.

Keep in mind, it’s all about the presentation of the application.You must show that you have firm ties to your nation and a reason to return, such as a job, property and/or family there.

​In any case, here are 10 mind-blowing facts about visitor visa denials:

  • You might think that with all of the poverty-stricken favelas, Brazilians have a tough time getting visitor visas. Not true with only a 3.5% refusal rate.
  • On the other hand, considering its stability and high employment, you would conclude that Canadians have an easy time. Also not true with a very high 43.1% denial rate.
  • Egypt with its ongoing troubles would likely have a high refusal rate, right? But it’s 39.5%, which is relatively low. Similarly, with millions displaced, Syrians who apply for visitor visa to the U.S. are denied at a 46.1% rate. The numbers are not much different for two other countries with similar histories: Iran 48.2% and Iraq 39.2%.
  • Great Britain And Northern Ireland – one might “slam-dunk,” but still 16.9% are denied visitor visa issuance.
  • Haiti, still reeling from natural disaster, has a 47.1% refusal – which means more than half who apply are approved.
  • Libya, stinging after recent events, would be unlikely to see many of its citizens allowed to visit the U.S.? Wrong. Only 33.8% are denied visitor visa.
  • Here is perhaps the most incredible fact: millions have crossed the border from Mexico, yet only 12.1% of those who ask to travel here legally are denied visitor visa.
  • Norway, for some peculiar reason, has a variably high 19.1% denial rate.
  • Pakistan, long on the watch lists, has a variably low 38.5% denial rate.
  • About 90% of visitor visa applicants from Russia are granted which is pretty remarkable considering the many reasons one might choose to stay in the US.

​What do we learn from the above data? If you are applying for a visitor visa, you might seriously consider the counsel of a great immigration attorney, as preparation of the application makes all the difference.