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Landlord and Tenant


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The Williamson Law Office, PLLC is a Las Vegas, Nevada and California based law firm which assists residential and commercial landlords with the eviction of tenants for reasons including non-payment of rent, the expiration of a lease, the expiration of month-to-month tenancy and tenant misconduct such as breaking lease terms or the Nevada Statutes concerning tenant conduct. The Williamson Law Office, PLLC also assist HOA communities in evicting prior owners or persons still in possession of a property after a foreclosure for non-payment of association fees.
The Nevada Statutes provide for two methods for eviction: (1) Summary Eviction (utilized for non-payment of rent only) and (2) Unlawful Detainer (utilized for evictions other than non-payment of rent, e.g. nuisance/illegal activity, eviction of prior owners or individuals in possession of property after foreclosure etc.) It is strongly advised that you do not try to evict a tenant without seeking legal help from an experienced Las Vegas eviction lawyer. If you try to evict a tenant without legal assistance and your paperwork is incorrect, the tenant may be approached by other lawyers who look for errors in eviction cases. Don’t risk having to pay the tenant’s attorney fees. Make sure the eviction process is done correctly from the beginning.

The Williamson Law Office, PLLC also represents both commercial landlords and business tenants in Southern Nevada and California in matters involving:

  • Commercial Leasing
  • Residential Leasing
  • Lease Agreements
  • Breach of Lease
  • Evictions
  • Property Damage Disputes
  • Wrongful Lockout or Evictions
  • Landlord Liability

If you are currently dealing with a difficult landlord/tenant issues and need more information about your rights, contact Williamson Law Office, PLLC today!