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Williamson Law Office, PLLC is an appellate lawyer in Los Angeles. We can handle both criminal and civil appeals for crimes committed in Los Angeles. If you are searching for an appellate lawyer, criminal, or civil appeals lawyer in Los Angeles, contact the Williamson law office. Our past cases have included providing direct appeal services, habeas corpus, and writs for criminal matters. We specialize in handling a variety of criminal and civil cases ranging from murder cases to white collar crime.

Criminal Appeal

Criminal cases involve crimes against the state where the penalty can result in a fine, incarceration, or public service. We understand the appeals process in criminal cases, and can help you win. If you are a criminal defendant, you have the right to appeal decisions made by judges and juries within two weeks after being sentenced. The amount of time an appeals case can take depends on the individual situation. It is often a lengthy process that can take several months or even years. To begin the appeals process, a transcript of the trial is prepared by the court reporter. Next, the transcript is delivered to the defendant’s lawyer for them to prepare the Record on Appeal. This means that we look for legal errors that occurred during your trial, which may have prevented you from having a fair trial. Then the Record on Appeal must be settled with the prosecutor who handled the trial.

Civil Appeals Lawyer

A civil case involves cases alleging wrongs by one person against another such as assault, defamation, damages, and similar situations. If you feel that your civil trial was unfair, and would like to appeal your case, we can help you decide if appealing your case is right for your situation. If we come to an agreement that it is the right way to go, we will help you begin the appeals process.

Direct Appeal Services

Direct appeal criminal cases involve appeals from the jury, guilty, no contest pleas, probation violation cases, resentencing, and hearings. We research all appealable issues in your case and assist you with the process of filing your direct appeal. If you feel that there was insufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict, or if you feel that the jury was biased due to race or other similar issues, we conduct research to find the best way for you to make your appeal. To retain a top appellate lawyer in Los Angeles, Call Williamson Law Office, PLLC today. License #277101.

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