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Applying For Immigration Fee Waivers

Applying For Immigration Fee Waivers

Though immigration can be a costly procedure, there is no reason that coming to the United States should be strictly a rich person’s game. Our immigration attorneys in Las Vegas like to see all types achieve the American dream, be they wealthy foreign investors or the tired and poor denoted by Lady Liberty. It is for this latter group that the USCIS offers waivers for many of its immigration fees.

Fee waivers are granted with careful discretion, and are only granted if the applicant can demonstrate an inability to pay the requested fee. To qualify, one of the following must apply to you:

Your household is receiving a benefit that is determined by the income or resources of the individuals in question.

Your household falls within the 150% poverty level.

You are experiencing an unexpected financial hardship, like an emergency medical expense, that compromises your ability to pay the filing fee.

If you are applying for a fee waiver, you should fill out Form I-912 and submit it along with the application in question. Do not submit these separately. Remember that not all applications are admissible for a fee waiver, and you should check to see if the particular fee you wish to waive falls under the fee waiver rules.

​If you are in the United States and your work permit or status needs to be renewed, realize that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly called the INS) is extremely backed up. Make sure to PLAN FOR DELAYS. Cope by turning in your application far in advance. This is particularly important if your legal status has an expiration date on it. If you fall out of status, the immigration authorities could arrest you.

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